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Entries error free

Based on intelligent settings and recognitions in Adminimize, all entries will be booked into your accounting system with no errors. No need doing this manually yourself (nor accountant) anymore!


Save time

If Adminimize books your entries fast and error free, you will save time to focus on more important tasks.

Save Money

Manual entries will cost you much more than using Adminimize.

Our Unique Selling points are

  • Beside of a start up charge of maximum € 450,- you only pay a fix low price per accounting entry. No other charges.
  • Our solution is web-based. Because of that you don't have to buy or maintain special hard- or software. A standard webbrowser and internet access is sufficient
  • After a short introduction your staff is able to work with Adminimize and adjust the settings when needed
  • Your start to save money with one month, because of our low start up cost and not having to invest in special hard- or software.
  • Our setup is modular. Because of that any supplier / buyer combination can be or will be supported
  • We are independent and are not connected to any supplier, financial institution of software solution.
  • We can be imported in all major Dutch accounting software (including SAP)
  • We are able to process bank statements of all wholesale banks in the Netherlands. (which makes it easier for you to change bank when needed)

Save time

When the invoice is made available (for example on a FTP server or by E-mail) Adminimize will process it and convert /enrich the accounting entries. This process is fully “unattended” and automatically. Authorized users can log into the Adminimize website and can inquire on the status of the accounting entries.

On this site the users can also set the frequency on which the converted and enriched accounting entries should be forwarded. The data can be forwarded by for example E-mail. After receipt the user can import and automatically process the enriched entries into his or her administration.

By using Adminimize a lot of time will be saved and a major efficiency improvement will be realized. The users will get more time for more senior tasks, to control your administration, optimize your cash flows, instead of performing manual and repeating entry tasks.

A reference case

One Adminimize customer receives over 15,000 purchase invoices yearly. 
Manually it took about 90 seconds average per invoice to enter.
Per year this would take 375 hours of labour!

Now Adminimize does the job in just a fraction of that time.

The cost is very transparent. the customer only pays a very small amount per accounting entry.

Adminimize is based on "fair-use-policy"

Important maintain following rules:

Rates are differenced; more entries, lower price per entry
No invest on software or any licenses
No monthly fees
No contract period; instant join or quit

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