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Logo B&PB&P Accountants, Auditors, Tax Lawyers & Consultants was founded by David Bos (CEO) in 2001 and over time became a very successful organization. After several mergers, B&P currently has over a hundred employees ready to assist you at eight locations. How? By making sure customers can relax when it comes to their finances, so they can focus on the thing you like the most: doing business!
Despite their national coverage, B&P’s customers can trust in personal commitment. B&P is ‘small on the outside, but big on the inside’: our local branches allow us to maintain a personal connection with our customers, but we also offer significant specialist knowledge. Because of this, we can truly call ourselves a full service organization, and add real value to your business. B&P is specialised in DGA, SMEs, franchise, and retail. Among B&P clients are renowned names like McDonald’s, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Jamin, Fortune Hot Drinks and Pets Place.

The challenge: reduce time to investigate outstanding bank ledgers.

Approximately 70% - 80% of the bank statement ledgers was outstanding. This mean each of those lines should be investigated in detail to determine the reason why the funds were received / paid.  After that it is possible to book the line correctly. On average this cost 2 minutes per line.    
Even if a similar booking is made the other day it will take 2 minutes again. With Adminimize it is only necessary to investigate and set this only one time. After that Adminimize will assure the bank statement line is always book correctly

Result:  70% of the 48.000 Bank statement lines of Bos & Partners resulted in 33.600 inquires. Multiply this with the 2 minutes of investigate and manual booking, Bos & Partners have been able to save more than 1100 hours on a yearly basis.


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