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  • What is the Total cost of using Adminimize?

    The cost can be divided in:

    • One time implementation cost of € 450,-. To setup Adminimize to your needs and to teach you how to use it.
    • Monthly. The cost will be charge per accounting entry. And price offset will be applied. The more accounting entries processed by Adminimize the lower the price per entry will be.
  • Where to find the Adminimize invoice?

    Each month the Adminimize invoice will be sent to you. However you can always find the Adminimize invoice back in the system by the following steps

    1. The menu “Company information”.
    2. Tab "Received invoices”
    3. You can open the invoices or download by clicking on the download icon directly behind the amount.


    Tip: You can also book the Adminimize invoice fast and without error into you accounting system. Click on “How to activate a supplier” to see instructions how to active the import of Adminimize invoices.

Bank generic

  • Differences Adminimize Bankstatement import module

    What is the added value of the Adminimize Bankstatement import module?

    Several other software suppliers supports functionality to import bank statements (most of the time in the Swift format MT949). This functionality works sufficient as long as the invoice numbers and name of the debit or credit parties are known. When the numbers / counter parties are not known or presented in such a way they can not recognized your staff has to investigate it and book it manual. 

    With the "Flex text" functionality it is possible to let Adminimize search for text strings and when found automatically make the booking (with the upfront set value of the cost center, account, etc). This is useful for example with credit card payments or other card transactions at the counter. 


  • Which banks are currently supported?

    The following banks are currently supported:

    • BNG
    • KBC
    • ING

    Is your bank not included? Are you working for a bank and do you want to help your customers, by extending your product offering with Adminimize. Our modular solution is modulair and based on the international (Swift) bankstatement standard MT940. This makes it relatively simple to connect to any bank supporting this standard. 



  • I forgot my password?

    No problem, via the link on the login page you can request a new password. If we can find your e-mail address in our database, you will receive a new password within a few minutes.  

  • Minimal number of entries or module to use?

    Is there a minimal number of accounting entries or module I must use?

    There is no requirement by Adminimize about:

    • the minimal number of accounting entries or
    • the number of modules which must be used.

    You can start with just a few entries or even one entry from one supplier and increase the numbers of entries or modules later, if you are convinced about the added value for you.  

  • Adminimize EDIFACT specificatie NL

    Please click here for the Adminimize EDIFACT Specification Dutch (English version will be made available soon)

  • Which accounting system is supported by Adminimize?

    The following accounting systems are supported by Adminimize:

    • Accountview
    • Exact (Online / Globe)
    • King    
    • Microsoft Dynamics NAV/AX
    • iMuis
    • SAP (d.m.v. ZFIN gene)
    • Reeleezee
    • Twinfield
    • Unit4agresso

    Is your account systems not in above list, please let us know. If there is enough interest we are happy to extend our product support.


Invoice settings

  • Maintain conversion rules.

    Conversion rules are the heart of Adminimize. With the rules you can indicate how the invoice rules should be converted to accounting rules.  Maintaining the conversionrules is straightforward and can easily be done by you or your staff.

    It is important to understand the differences between generic and specific conversion rules. There must always be at least one generic conversion rule per supplier. With a specific rule you can apply different values for this supplier when a specific combination occurs. This can be the address of the delivery or a driving license for Fuel invoices. The specific rule will overrule the values of the generic rule.

    Click To see how to maintain the conversion rules

  • Shell Card online Conversion rules setup

    Click here for  the Dutch ‘Manual Shell Card Online conversions rules setup' - Sorry we are working on the English version.

  • Add a category NL (video)

    Using categories you are able to recognise cost (based on description, category or sub-category) and to book those entries on another account. In the example in below video a category is created to recognise the cost of a “Eurovignet” on a Shell invoice. Normal the fuel cost on the Shell Invoice will be booked on ledger account number 4402, but the cost to buy a “Eurovignet” at a Shell station should be booked on ledger account number 4405.

    Click to watch the "How to add a category" (NL)    Sorry we are working on the English version.


  • Difference due VAT automatically book

    On a regular basis Adminimize customers receive invoices where the Total amount doesn’t match the sum of the individual entries. Quite often this is caused by rounding differences due to the VAT applied.

    Until now this could be solved in two ways:

    • Supplier resend the invoices in which the total and individual entries match
    • Buyer books the invoices manual

    From now Adminimize offers the possibility to book automatically the differences (within a tolerance set by you). This functionality is working for both buying and selling invoices. Please read the manual (Dutch – sorry we are working on the English version) to set how to setup this.  

Invoices generic

  • How to use a new supplier?

    Via the menu “Suppliers” you can activate or request for a new supplier.

    The differences between those two actions are:

    • Activate = The data of most of the suppliers (for example those of the banks) can be used at once.
    • Request= For some suppliers (for example Bestseller Wholesale) some additional needs to be performed by Adminimize staff. We have to link for example your shop number used by Bestseller.
  • Which suppliers are available at the moment?

    At the moment the invoices of the following suppliers can be booked:

    • Bestseller
    • Gulf
    • Timeflex
    • Shell
    • Van de Mheen
    • Vila

    Is your supplier missing? Or are you a supplier and do you want to offer this excellent services to your buyers? Or solution is flexible and modular.  This makes it relatively easy to extend our offering with any supplier / buyer combination.

Using Bank statements

  • How to import Bankstatements (PDF)

    Manual How to import bankstatements?

    Click here for  ‘Manual how to importeren Bankstatement' (Dutch) - Sorry we are working on English version. 

  • How checking duplicate bankstatements?

    How to check for duplicate bank statements?

    In order to check a bank statements has been imported before the following check is performed. All statements rules are checking, including opening / closing balance, opening / closing dates and all other data in the statement. A hash total is calculated of all data and this is compared with the hash totals of bank statements which have been imported before. If no similar hash total is found the bank statement will be regarded as new.

Using Invoices

  • How to process the invoices?

    How can I process a invoice in Adminimize?

    Click on the menu

    After that you can selection the invoices in the following way:

    • The invoice number
    • All invoices in a certain time period
    • All invoices of a particular supplier
    • Whether or not the invoices have already been processed
    • Of course a combination of those selection criteria is possible as well

    After that you can indicate an action should be applied

    • To all invoice
    • to only one or some of the invoices shown

    The following actions are possible:

    • Process (=create accounting entries) or
    • Remove

    After you have selected the action to applied, the action will be performed and you will be notified whether the action was successful or not


  • Download Shell Card Online Invoices (Video)

    With Shell Card Online you can print and download the Shell invoices. In order to process those invoices in Adminimize it is important that all fields are included in the download. The instruction video shows the steps to download the invoices and assure they can be processed in Adminimize without any problem.

    Click Download Shell Card Online invoices instructions 

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