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Invoices generic

  • How to use a new supplier?

    Via the menu “Suppliers” you can activate or request for a new supplier.

    The differences between those two actions are:

    • Activate = The data of most of the suppliers (for example those of the banks) can be used at once.
    • Request= For some suppliers (for example Bestseller Wholesale) some additional needs to be performed by Adminimize staff. We have to link for example your shop number used by Bestseller.
  • Which suppliers are available at the moment?

    At the moment the invoices of the following suppliers can be booked:

    • Bestseller
    • Gulf
    • Timeflex
    • Shell
    • Van de Mheen
    • Vila

    Is your supplier missing? Or are you a supplier and do you want to offer this excellent services to your buyers? Or solution is flexible and modular.  This makes it relatively easy to extend our offering with any supplier / buyer combination.

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