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Invoice settings

  • Maintain conversion rules.

    Conversion rules are the heart of Adminimize. With the rules you can indicate how the invoice rules should be converted to accounting rules.  Maintaining the conversionrules is straightforward and can easily be done by you or your staff.

    It is important to understand the differences between generic and specific conversion rules. There must always be at least one generic conversion rule per supplier. With a specific rule you can apply different values for this supplier when a specific combination occurs. This can be the address of the delivery or a driving license for Fuel invoices. The specific rule will overrule the values of the generic rule.

    Click To see how to maintain the conversion rules

  • Shell Card online Conversion rules setup

    Click here for  the Dutch ‘Manual Shell Card Online conversions rules setup' - Sorry we are working on the English version.

  • Add a category NL (video)

    Using categories you are able to recognise cost (based on description, category or sub-category) and to book those entries on another account. In the example in below video a category is created to recognise the cost of a “Eurovignet” on a Shell invoice. Normal the fuel cost on the Shell Invoice will be booked on ledger account number 4402, but the cost to buy a “Eurovignet” at a Shell station should be booked on ledger account number 4405.

    Click to watch the "How to add a category" (NL)    Sorry we are working on the English version.


  • Difference due VAT automatically book

    On a regular basis Adminimize customers receive invoices where the Total amount doesn’t match the sum of the individual entries. Quite often this is caused by rounding differences due to the VAT applied.

    Until now this could be solved in two ways:

    • Supplier resend the invoices in which the total and individual entries match
    • Buyer books the invoices manual

    From now Adminimize offers the possibility to book automatically the differences (within a tolerance set by you). This functionality is working for both buying and selling invoices. Please read the manual (Dutch – sorry we are working on the English version) to set how to setup this.  

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